Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MIRAMAR girona restaurant review and stage

Last December some very dear friends invited my husband and I to eat at Miramar, a family-run, Michelin-starred restaurant in Llanca, Spain. Our friends have known the executive chef, Paco Perez, and eaten at his restaurant for years. Being the foodie that I am, they were convinced I would enjoy it.

Since the words “mira mar” literally mean “sea view,” in Spanish, I was expecting just that, a view of the ocean. However, I wasn’t prepared for how spectacular my first impression of this restaurant would truly be. The splendid view and subtle yet elegant d├ęcor implied that this was going to be a meal to remember. We began by ordering a fabulous bottle of red wine and a few things to nibble on: anchovy fillets with roasted red pepper strips and fresh herb oil, Spanish Iberian ham of the highest quality accompanied by the classic Catalan toasted bread rubbed with fresh tomato and olive oil and, finally, fried calamari rings. Choosing my next dishes from a menu riddled with delights such as sea urchin and black truffle risotto or sea bass with tender onions, romesco and calamari linguini proved to be difficult. Finally I settled on the oyster tartar with oscetra caviar and apple foam for my first course and the lobster and cuttlefish rice dish for my second course. The presentation and taste was flawless as was the service. After our meal I had the opportunity to thank and meet Mr. Perez as well as his talented and warm staff. My friends negotiated a short stage or internship for me and 3 months later I was back at Miramar expanding my culinary horizons.

Thank you Paco, Montse, Zaira, Richard, Antonio, Hideki, Pablo, Toni, Ariel, Juan and Maria for your generosity and kindness as well as the unforgettable learning experience. I wish you all the best.

For your first experience at Miramar you may want to consider one of their set menus. The tasting menu has 6+ courses and is a steal at 75 euros.  They also have the seasonal menu at a very fair 50 euros.  Call ahead to make a reservation especially during the busy summer months.
  • +34 972 380 132
  • Pg. Maritim 7, Llanca, Spain
If it's a nice day I urge you to take a walk, before or after your meal, on a picturesque waterside path called "camino de ronda."  The Miramar staff or locals can direct you.  It's a must!


  1. It sounds like an absolutely wonderful restaurant! Gorgeous photo.

  2. Hi my name is Yvonne. Food is my passion, it would be an honor to work for Chef Paco Perez. Do you know of any job opportunities? Please e-mail me I would love to share more information. Thank you

  3. In the website ( I can see the dishes and place... Really fantastic

  4. Paco is a wonderful chef and an inspired artist. His Menu Degustacion is both a culinary and visual work of art.